Why Baker Tilly Malta?

At Baker Tilly Malta we strive to deliver outstanding client service and maintain constant professional growth. Our people are our greatest asset, as committed teams work seamlessly together in providing creative forward thinking and in achieving our excellent standards.

We believe in maintaining a healthy working environment where one may acquire the necessary support and build lasting relationships with their colleagues. Employees are given the opportunity to develop their skills and flourish in their career as we are serving a very diverse range of local and international clients.

We are passionate about making Baker Tilly Malta an exceptional and inspiring place to be. Representing one of the world’s leading professional networks of independent accountancy and business advisory firms, working with Baker Tilly Malta is challenging and motivating.

Who Better To Tell You Than Our Employees?

“We strive to maintain a learning environment as the staff is made up of both students and well experienced individuals and I can assure you, everyone contributes one way or another. Communication and interaction between us is inevitable and although working hard is the name of the day in our industry, the environment is light and friendly and almost family-like, a characteristic which Baker Tilly Malta has always sought to maintain.” – Joanna Xuereb (Audit & Assurance Department)

“Working at Baker Tilly Malta is far more than just another ordinary day at work. Being a part of highly committed and well experienced teams, working alongside colleagues is motivating as exposure to the diverse skills of staff members all come into play when working cohesively together. The firm’s mission to embrace family-like values is outstanding as all staff members are part of an extended family in an environment where you are encouraged to be yourself.” – Patrick Micallef (Accounting Department)